Monday, 12 January 2015

A new year :) … And some timeless treasure's

So 2015 is officially here :)…  A new year means new beginnings, new resolutions and a clean slate .. With the hope that we can fill this new year with happy memories and lots and lots of laughter and fun.

so.. I decided to write my first blog post of the year about a collection that is very very close to my heart as a lot of time, effort and energy was invested in it.

I called this collection 'borrowed time'

This collection of boxes and trays was very victorian inspired - hence, the pattern paper on these decoupaged boxes was also conceptualized and designed by us. I say 'us' because this collection would not have been possible without the help that I got from my elder sister:)… we're a team:).

It represents  a time when letters were painstakingly written to loved one's ..  When feelings were not restricted to one line messages but written in prose. A collection symbolizing timelessness and love..

A collection - conceptualized, Handmade, decoupaged and hand painted with love.

These trinket boxes and trays are such magical things .. :) they make the best gifts and immediately brighten up any space in the house.

For gifts need not have a special occasion:)….   And if they're handmade..  it makes the gift even more special :).

I hope some decoupaging inspiration was given by this post :)

lots of love,
Vrinda :)