Sunday, 5 July 2015

Mesmerized in pink

Someone rightly said .. That if you truly believe, it is only then that you can find magic :)… 
And at the moment, I can only say that everything around me seems to be sparkling with love and magic… as if generous amounts of fairy dust was sprinkled all around .

Thus, the magic and glitter is mirroring in my work this time.

I made another mixed media journal ..  (my mixed media obesession continues).

I created the background using pink archival ink and a stencil from TCS …  no background I think is complete without generous sprays from my favorite lindy's .. the generous amounts of shimmer in their starburst sprays .. makes every background unbelievably pretty.

I created my own embellishments  using some stamps, dies .. glitter balls and UTEE and also used some metal embellishments from my stash .I just love how the different elements came together .


 I created a little bit of drama by heat embossing and using mica flakes in the background..
the pearls and the birds just lifted all the elements up:).

The diamond dust , made my flowers shimmer and sparkle.. a dazzling effect indeed.

I loved how it finally turned out in the end:)…

would love to hear what you guys think:).


Monday, 23 March 2015

A tryst with dark romance

So, this time I decided to do something entirely different from my usual style of work.
My work which is normally always leaning towards shabby chic victorian with a hint of vintage mixed in …. saw a lil bit darkness this time around.

I decided to try my hand at a mixed media canvas … 

I got my hands on a bottle of black gesso and crackle paste from prima - texture paste copper crackle (Art extravagance) and black gesso (prima - art basics)… so decided to give them a try and do my first ever canvas :)…. A tryst with dark romance :)… 

And obviously … none of my  mixed media projects are ever complete without some generous doses of my favorite starburst sprays from Lindy's.

I love love love these sprays .. They make sure that no matter what … your project will always turn out absolutely stunning.

So, here we go… some closeups of the canvas … so that the details can be seen and the final canvas:).

Don't you simply love the effects of the texture paste and black gesso :)

The Final canvas …:)..

I simply love my new mediums and texture pastes :)…. The results were quite fascinating :)

would love to hear your thoughts :),
happy crafting till then :)

lots of love:)

Monday, 12 January 2015

A new year :) … And some timeless treasure's

So 2015 is officially here :)…  A new year means new beginnings, new resolutions and a clean slate .. With the hope that we can fill this new year with happy memories and lots and lots of laughter and fun.

so.. I decided to write my first blog post of the year about a collection that is very very close to my heart as a lot of time, effort and energy was invested in it.

I called this collection 'borrowed time'

This collection of boxes and trays was very victorian inspired - hence, the pattern paper on these decoupaged boxes was also conceptualized and designed by us. I say 'us' because this collection would not have been possible without the help that I got from my elder sister:)… we're a team:).

It represents  a time when letters were painstakingly written to loved one's ..  When feelings were not restricted to one line messages but written in prose. A collection symbolizing timelessness and love..

A collection - conceptualized, Handmade, decoupaged and hand painted with love.

These trinket boxes and trays are such magical things .. :) they make the best gifts and immediately brighten up any space in the house.

For gifts need not have a special occasion:)….   And if they're handmade..  it makes the gift even more special :).

I hope some decoupaging inspiration was given by this post :)

lots of love,
Vrinda :)